1st June 2011: Zealed 1st Giveaway Contest Once 100 Facebook Fans Reached !!!

Hi everyone, Zealed Malaysian Discounts will be having the 1st Giveaway Contest once the Facebook fanpage strikes 100 !!!. So while anticipating this contest, why don't we give the viewers the chance to vote for the prize? Kindly vote for the type of voucher prize which you stand to win at the bottom right below Nuffnang Ads.

Don't forget to get more friends or family to be fans of Zealed Malaysian Discount on and for bloggers do follow our blog for updates =)

So guys & gals, for Zealed Discount 1st giveaway contest, what voucher should it be?

13th May 2011: Latest Updated Deal Disrupted by Blogger's Data Corruption

Hi would like to apologise for the sudden disruption in the updating of daily deals. This was due to a problem faced by all bloggers for approximately 20.5 hours whereby we can't post any new information and our previous post dated 13th May 2011 went missing.

The good news is the Blogger is back up & running but the missing post dated 13th May 2011 are still missing. Based on the annoucement by the Tech Leader from Blogger company, the previous missing posts will be restored slowly.

So fingers crossed.

Website for further information: